ESL Tutor Training – June 23-25,2016

We have an upcoming English as a Second Language Tutor Training in Toronto.


North York Chinese Baptist Church

675 Sheppard Avenue East

Toronto, Ontario

For more info see poster:    ESL Workshop June 2016

or contact:

Winnie Kong   –

Carey Jo Johnston  –


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A Home for a Mayan Missionary

ByronThere has been a special request for assistance for L.E.I. Missionary, Byron, in Guatemala.

Many of you may remember that some time ago, Byron prayerfully made the transition from a paid employee of L.A.M.P literacy to a become a “faith missionary” under Literacy & Evangelism Int’l – Canada.

Three years ago, while still a salaried employee, Byron began construction on a house for he and his wife.  They and their little girl have been living with Byron’s family.

Since Byron is still in the process of developing his support base with LEI, funds for byrons housefinishing their house have run out.   This young family really needs to be in their own home and with the rainy season approaching need to get windows door and a roof on the house.

There has been a special crowd-funding site set up to help with this need.  If you feel led to help, even in a small way, please visit the link below.  It would also help if you share this need with your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Donations can also be made directly through Literacy & Evangelism via cheque, PayPal or Canada Helps.                   Just note that it is for Byron’s house.

Cheques payable to: Literacy & Evangelism Int’l,  P.O. Box 72, Bobcaygeon, ON    K0M 1A0

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Cuba Visioning Trip

Please pray for L.E.I. Board member, Sharon Hionides, as she travels to Cuba this week with the Southern Baptist Association.

Sharon will be representing L.E.I. on this “Visioning Trip” to see how Canadian churches might equip local churches in the east part of Cuba to meet the needs of people.

cuba_e1They will have a hectic schedule, travelling to Puriales de Caujerri,  Punia Maisi  and  Guantanamo.  They will  meet with ministerial associations, speak at churches and meet with Pastors and lay people to discuss needs in the area .

From the reports they have received, the people are excited about the possibilities being presented.

Please pray for wisdom, favour, open doors and for the Lord to go before them preparing the hearts and minds of the leaders they will meet.

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September 2014 – Summer Highlights

Normally summer is a fairly quiet time for LEI Canada.   Not so, this year!

Our summer began with L.E.I. being invited to be an Exhibitor at the first annual Toronto Chinese Mission Fair.  So, Carey Jo Johnston and Lori Martin had the opportunity to set up the booth and once again bring new awareness of the ministry in Canada and globally.

The Fair was held just a few days prior to them heading to Tulsa to team teach “Introduction to Primer Construction”  at our International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI) in Tulsa.  This year Primer Construction was a newly expanded Module culminating in a Practicum.  The trainees were given an “immersion experience”  that simulated an actual Primer Construction Workshop to develop the lessons of a Primer.


Teams (from left to right) Swahili , German, Hausa

We had 3 teams, complete with their own language speakers,  in Swahili, German and Hausa.   The trainees all found this to be an extremely beneficial and eye opening  experience as they came to realize the hard work and diligence it takes to develop an L.E.I. Primer.  Some even found a new gifting and passion for Primer Construction that they did not expect to have.

Upon their return from ILTI in Tulsa at the latter part of July, Carey Jo and Lori found themselves preparing for two unexpected August Tutor Trainings, one in Literacy and one ESL.

Practice teaching

Practice teaching

Out of these trainings there will be new English ministries started in Uganda;  High School teachers, who have been tasked with teaching ‘religion’ to immigrant students in the Toronto area, will begin using our material to teach the Bible and the Pastor of a downtown church in Oshawa is seeking direction to begin Literacy and ESL ministries in her community.    Please pray for them as they embark on these new challenges.

We have also been in discussion to bring our Bible-Content Literacy ministry to the Correctional Facility in a nearby city as part of a holistic approach to break the cycle of poverty and crime.

Another new avenue of ministry opening up to us is in French speaking Canada.   In October,  Lori and Carey Jo will be going to train ESL Tutors so that they will be able to use the same techniques to communicate the gospel as they share Bible stories and discuss other topics during “English Cafe nights”.     Want more information?     Click here.

These are both incredible open doors and we are praising God for them.    I am reminded of the words of Jesus  in Matthew 25.   As He is telling of the sheep and the goats, He is asked:      “When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’   He replied,”Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ “

Please keep these opportunities in prayer as we seek wisdom and guidance in the planning and preparation process.


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ESL Tutor Training – Quebec

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Tutor Training Workshops

Have you ever wondered if becoming an Adult Literacy Tutor  OR  an ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutor was ‘for you’?   Are you preparing to go on the mission field and looking for a practical and easy outreach tool?  If so, the following Introductory Workshops are the perfect opportunity to explore what LEI has to offer and see just how easy and rewarding tutoring can be!

Each of these workshops will introduce you to the basic teaching methods needed to enable you to Tutor using our unique Bible-content materials.

Adult Literacy tutors will teach those who already speak a language to read and write it using our primers.  We will look at both the method to teach English as well as other languages.


E.S.L. Tutors will learn to teach non-English speakers to speak, read and write English using our ‘Using Everyday English’  and/or ‘Passport to the World of English’ curriculum.

We will be holding two 1-day  introductory workshops in August, as follows:

Literacy Tutor Training Workshop –  August 25, 2014    in Bobcaygeon, ON   9 am  to 4 pm

E.S.L. Tutor Training Workshop –   August 27, 2014    in   Toronto, ON   9 am  to  5 pm

For more information,   call (705) 738-5208   or  e-mail: 

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Brazil Ministry Report

Equipping Missionaries and Brazilian Indigenous Tribes

team brazilFor many years individuals and churches in Brazil have been praying for the indigenous tribes of Brazil to know Jesus. In January, another answer to these prayers took place. AEI-Brazil in partnership with LEI and New Tribes Mission missionaries, held a Primer Construction Training for outreach to the indigenous tribes of Brazil. During this workshop we also developed a primer (basic literacy materials) in the Maxakali (pronounced Mashakaly) language.

Pastor Adair and his wife Zilene, New Tribes missionaries, have worked among the Maxakali people for over 20 years. They have helped to plant several churches in the local Maxakali villages on the Maxakali land (similar to our reservations). But the progress is slow. Over 80% of the Maxakali cannot read and write, so reading the Bible is impossible. While many Portuguese materials are available, many of the Maxakali don’t speak Portuguese much less read and write. Zilene trained in linguistics and has been instrumental in preparing the preparatory materials for the Maxakali primer along with Marilton and Isael.

The three week training included 1 week of learning to make a literacy primer, then 2 brazil workshop
weeks of doing it. We had 18 people at the training – some not even realizing what they were coming to do! The sovereign will of God at work! The trainees represented 6 of the 228 recognized tribal groups in Brazil. What a blessing to have these committed Brazilians who want to reach out to the indigenous people of Brazil. They are already active in ministry among their respective groups – but now they will have the tool of literacy to add. They can begin using the Portuguese primers right away. However, for the other languages, primers still need to be developed.

The goal is that out of the 18 people, a core group of 3 or 4 will make up the Primer Construction team for Brazil and will assist in making the primers for the other languages.

testing the lessonWhat a joy to work with our 4 Maxakali language speakers: Isael, Sueli, Marilton, Marquinhos. They worked so hard so that their people can learn to read. Isael and Marilton learned the Maxakali teaching pattern as well and are ready to begin teaching as soon as the books are finalized!

Sueli as she helped with the preparatory materials came to understand what faith in Jesus Christ meant. She gave her life to the Lord!

Prayer Points for Brazil Indigenous Project:
  • For good editing and accuracy of stories in the Maxakali lessons.
  • Teachers to be selected and trained for each village.
  • For those who trained with us to put to good use the training they received.
  • For resources (funding) for the printing and distribution of the Maxakali Primers.
  •  For Helsa Almeda for renewed strength after a very hectic few months, going forward with Literacy projects in Brazil.
Participants and Trainers on Graduation Day.

Primer Construction Workshop Participants and Trainers


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Dinner and Ministry Update

bbq poster

Ticket Options


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ESL Tutor Training Workshop – DATE POSTPONED


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Sierra Leone Christmas Update

sl greeting with pic





These are Christmas greetings in 3 of the languages from Sierra Leone in which we are currently working.    Below you can read Luke 2:10 in these same languages.

sl luke

Much is happening in Sierra Leone.    Literacy classes continue in the Themne and Mende languages.   The Krio primer was just completed and there will be 12 Tutors trained after Christmas to begin trial classes with the new material.  A number of churches have also expressed an interest in beginning Literacy classes.

Some children, with Carey Jo and Agnes, in Gbanneh after receiving clothing from Canada

Some children, with Carey Jo and Agnes, in Gbanneh after receiving clothing from Canada

The Gbanneh Village School and Literacy Project is underway.  Feeding programs, church services, women’s Literacy classes and a Primary School have already begun with plans for Elementary and Secondary schools in the future.  There has been some gardening/farming start-ups looking toward the possibility of micro-enterprise programs.

Thank you so much for helping to make all of these dreams a reality and sharing the love of God through the kindness of your giving.

If you would like to donate to the work in Sierra Leone, cheques can be sent to:

In Canada:                                                                              In U.S.:
Literacy & Evangelism International                                Literacy & Evangelism International
P.O. Box 468                                                                           1800 S. Jackson Ave.
Bobcaygeon, ON        K0M1A0                                            Tulsa, OK    74107

  OR    Donations can be made online through Canada Helps or PayPal via the links                 on the right.


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