Tutor Training Workshops

Have you ever wondered if becoming an Adult Literacy Tutor  OR  an ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutor was ‘for you’?   Are you preparing to go on the mission field and looking for a practical and easy outreach tool?  If so, the following Introductory Workshops are the perfect opportunity to explore what LEI has to offer and see just how easy and rewarding tutoring can be!

Each of these workshops will introduce you to the basic teaching methods needed to enable you to Tutor using our unique Bible-content materials.

Adult Literacy tutors will teach those who already speak a language to read and write it using our primers.  We will look at both the method to teach English as well as other languages.


E.S.L. Tutors will learn to teach non-English speakers to speak, read and write English using our ‘Using Everyday English’  and/or ‘Passport to the World of English’ curriculum.

We will be holding two 1-day  introductory workshops in August, as follows:

Literacy Tutor Training Workshop –  August 25, 2014    in Bobcaygeon, ON   9 am  to 4 pm

E.S.L. Tutor Training Workshop –   August 27, 2014    in   Toronto, ON   9 am  to  5 pm

For more information,   call (705) 738-5208   or  e-mail:  info@leicanada.ca 

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