New work in Uganda

Christmas in Uganda_img_0.resized“Amot me Karama me Nywalo yecu”

The north of Uganda has been terrorized by rebel leader and warlord, Joseph Kony.  Education has suffered greatly.  In the Lango language area over 2 million Lango speakers,  at least 1 million cannot read and write Lango.    Since a majority of the people are Christian, this means they cannot read their Bible.

Carolyn Kurwoski with Hands Across Nations and Levi, a school teacher and part of the Lango Literacy Council, trained at our  International Literacy Training Institute (I.L.T.I.) in Tulsa this summer.

In January, they will facilitate the development of the Lango language literacy materials which will include Bible content.   They will then train teachers from the churches to hold literacy classes for adults.

Praise God for all that is happening in Uganda.

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India Update


india with pic





Gyan Mochary, living in NE India, is active throughout India.  He facilitated the completion of the Dimasa primer and will be at the primer launch in January 2014.   He led the team who developed the Bhojpuri primer (in West India) and led the first primer training in October. He also facilitated the revision of the Bengali primer.  In 2014 Gyan will be leading tutor training workshops and checking in on new literacy students.

If you would like to give to the work in India, cheques can be sent to:

Literacy & Evangelism International
P.O. Box 468
Bobcaygeon, ON     K0M 1A0

OR   You may donate online via the  Canada Helps  or  PayPal  links to the right.

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Brazil – January 2014

feliz natalBom Natal ! um Feliz Natal!   from Brazil

Primer Construction Training – January 2014

For people on the fringes of society, not being able to read and write adds to their marginalization. To help the 75% of Brazil’s tribal groups who cannot read and write, first we need literacy books (primers). Carey Jo Johnston will lead a 3-week training in January to train 10 people how to develop literacy materials. With this training, they can begin developing literacy materials for the 300+ language groups of Brazil.

Thank you for your prayers  and financial donations this year. With you, we are bringing the Word of God full of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to the least, the last, and the lost of our world.

If you would like to donate to this project, cheques may be sent to:

Literacy & Evangelism International
P.O. Box 468
Bobcaygeon, ON      K0M 1A0


You can donate online  through Canada Helps  or  PayPal via the links on the right.

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Malawi Christmas Update 2013

christmasangelIn Malawi, in spite of some serious health concerns this past year, Literacy Coordinator Maxwell Mpitanyanga, is seeing the fruit of his labours.  There are large literacy classes springing up, some in primarily Muslim areas, and village leaders are asking for more people to be able to attend classes.

Maxwell continues to identify and train Literacy Tutors and has had the pleasure of presenting certificates of completion to classes in a number of areas who have finished both Book 1 and Book 2.  Some classes have expressed the desire to continue beyond Book 2 with Bible Study.

In the Mpinganjira literacy class,  54 students completed Book 1 and will continue on to Book 2.  Due to large enrollment numbers for the new Book 1 class, it was necessary to get 2 more teachers for Mpinganjira alone.

Maxwell also gives praise to God for getting his van on the road, as this provides both a source of income and a means of travel for ministry.   He does, however, have some fairly urgent needs for funds to cover medical expenses.

Maxwell has expressed the following financial and Prayer needs:

• Pray for funds for ministry ($700 per three months )
• Pray for my personal support. ($500 per month)
• Pray for my children’s school fees.($225 for Shadreck per term and $780 for Margaret        per semester. Both of them are at home.)
• Pray for my van insurance ($1,000. This is what we get some support from.)
• Pray for my medication funds (I need $450 for full medications. This is an urgent need)

If you would like to partner with Maxwell Mpitanyanga, you can do so by sending cheques to:

Literacy & Evangelism International
P.O. Box 468
Bobcaygeon, ON        K0M 1A0

or  donations can be made online through  Canada Helps  or  PayPal via the links to the right.



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Guatemala Christmas Update 2013

guatemalawreath2Tb’anilx titz’jlin Krist – The Mam people of Guatemala use either the Spanish “Feliz Navidad” or this greeting, which means “the birth of Christ is very special”.

It has been a year of transition for L.A.M.P., Byron and Maria. Karen and Andy Vaters, Wycliffe Missionaries who began LAMP, are transitioning back to Canada and turning the ministry over to Byron and Maria.   Byron and Maria also became LEI-Canada missionaries.   They are raising their support as well as managing LAMP.   It has been a year of discerning God’s direction and finding a new balance. Classes continue with several classes ready to begin the 3rd phase of discipleship. Byron also has had opportunity to participate in training events in other areas where he speaks of the role of literacy among indigenous languages.

Thanks for your prayers and contributions for this ministry – 2014 promises to be an exciting and expanding year.

Byron  and Maria are both still in need of financial partners to reach the target (modest) monthly support levels set for them.   If you would like to partner with either of them, or the work of L.A.M.P in general, you can do so by cheque to:

Literacy & Evangelism International
P.O. Box 468
Bobcaygeon, ON     K0M 1A0  

OR   you can give online via the  Canada Helps  and/or PayPal links on the right.

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Canada Office Christmas Update 2013

00440268Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the Canada office, Carey Jo and Lori would like to wish you all a very blessed Christmas season.  As we look forward to celebrating the birth of our Saviour we cannot help but reflect on the turbulence of this past year.

When we hear of conflict around the world, lawlessness and turmoil in our own cities and the havoc wreaked by severe weather, we are reminded that we serve a God who knows the end from the beginning.  As we mourn with those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods due to the devastation caused by storms and war, as we hear of those in leadership failing to act with integrity and as we see the rise in terrorism and gang violence, we are reminded that it is for these reasons God gave His Son for the salvation of mankind.

We are promised in Isaiah 9:6, “For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders.  And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

However, there are many people in the world who are unable to read of the promise of His peace and have this assurance and confidence.  These are the people to whom we go – as they are taught to read and write it enables them to embrace the Prince of Peace and all of His promises, like Abdul R., who is rejoicing because he can now read in his own language and has convinced his friends to attend literacy classes as well.

As this year comes to a close and we head into a New Year, we want to praise God for His faithfulness and provision.  We also wish to thank our partners for their support in this past year.  It is because of your generosity that we have been able to continue our ongoing projects and launch some exciting, new ones.

English as a Second Language training continues in the Toronto area and will be expanding into some northern communities in the new year.  We have had two National workers, Byron and Maria, from Guatemala become missionaries with L.E.I. Canada.  Carey Jo Johnston travelled to Sierra Leone for the development of the Krio Primer and will be travelling to Brazil in January to develop the Maxacali Primer and conduct a Primer Construction Workshop.  The Gbanneh Village project in Sierra Leone is also off to a good start.

We have much to be thankful for at L.E.I. and look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store in the coming year. 

May the Peace of Christ reign in your hearts and families this Christmas season and always.


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BRAZIL – January 2014

Carey Jo Johnston and Lori Martin are scheduled to travel to Brazil to conduct a Primerbrazil map Construction Workshop and develop Literacy Primers in the Maxacali and Terena indigenous languages.

Typically education, when  offered, is in the official language of the government (Portugese) but studies have shown that indigenous children, by and large, were not acquiring sufficient literacy skills for success, leading to feelings of failure and startlingly high drop-out rates. When these same children were given the opportunity to learn in their mother-tongue language (in this case Terena) they quickly learned to read and write.   As they became literate in their mother-tongue, they then found success learning the language of the government, Portugese.

This same principle, taking mother-tongue adult literacy to people groups around the world, enabling them to read in their “heart language” using our Bible-content curriculum, is what drives the work of Literacy & Evangelism.   It ultimately gives the learner the gift of an opportunity to achieve success in every area of life.

Maxacali homes

The  Maxacali, once a tribe of hunters, now live a semi-nomadic life of subsistence farming in the state of Minas Gerais .  They have suffered greatly at the hands of early colonizers, who tried to eradicate them when gold was discovered on their land, and ranchers who paid for their labours with alcohol instead of money.   They are now a I013689small people group plagued by malnutrition and alcoholism, leading to despair and hopelessness and a life expectancy of only 42 years.

The Terena, a proud group of about 16,000 people living in the state of Mato Grosso do Sulterena demonstration are the second largest people group in Brazil, next to the Amazonas.  They are struggling to regain and retain their historical lands, rights and traditions, in spite of tremendous conflict.

The ‘poster’ below describes how you can be instrumental in empowering these people groups by helping us to take mother-tongue literacy to them.   We are willing to go to do the work but need dedicated people to partner with us to help with our travel costs and the expenses incurred to take necessary training materials for the workshop.    There is also opportunity to provide scholarships for participants and to help toward the cost of printing the Primers.    Your donations can be made by mail or online – more information can be found on our website.

Primer Training Brazil poster


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June 2013 News

Our newest Missionary!

ByronIn previous newsletters we have introduced you to Byron, the current Director of LAMP in Guatemala.   We are pleased to announce that Byron’s application to become a National Missionary with Literacy & Evangelism International – Canada was approved by our Board of Directors in February.  Many of you will remember that his co-worker, Maria, became an LEI Canada Missionary in September.

Teaching Literacy Class

Teaching Literacy Class

As you can imagine, this is a tremendous leap of faith on Byron’s part as he makes the transition to becoming a ‘faith missionary’.   Byron is a diligent worker with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for bringing literacy to the people of Guatemala.    They are currently running 11 Literacy classes among the Mam people, conduct Bible studies, are embarking on a new ‘targeted’ outreach to women and are planning expansion into other language groups in Guatemala.    In addition to all of his literacy work, Byron is in the process of building a house for his family.    To read more about the work LAMP is doing, click here to read their May Newsletter

Please pray for Byron as he develops strategic partnerships for his ongoing monthly support ($700.00 per month) as well as for wisdom and direction as he provides leadership for LAMP.

Please also pray for Maria, who has been unwell.

If you would like to become one of Byron or Maria’s strategic partners, tax-receiptable donations can be made in Canada through our website .   U.S. donations can be made through    Donations for the general ongoing work of LAMP are also greatly appreciated.

New Project in Sierra Leone

Our tireless West African Directors, Rev. Gregory & Agnes Bangura, are beginning an exciting new project in Gbanneh village.   Here, in an area that has had no Christian presence, they are already planting a new church.   They saw the need to begin a feeding program and to open schools, which will also serve neighbouring villages.  Gbanneh village alone has 86 children who have no access to education.     The village elders have provided the Banguras with land for this project, which they are calling Gbanneh Canada, and there are plans underway to begin with a pre-school in October in conjunction with a Krio language Literacy class for the women.

Some children, with Carey Jo and Agnes, in Gbanneh after receiving clothing from Canada

Some children, with Carey Jo and Agnes, in Gbanneh after receiving clothing from Canada

Future plans for Gbanneh Canada include the pre-school, an elementary school and a secondary school and, of course, additional Literacy classes.  Feeding programs have already begun, along with the church plant.  There is also an empty medical clinic in the village that, if re-opened, could potentially serve a number of area villages.   This is an incredible opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ and transform an entire area through the gifts of education, food, and health.

Please pray for the necessary finances for this new project, including a $900.00 per year stipend for the pre-school teacher.   Pray also for the timely finalization and printing of the Krio Literacy Primers which were developed under the direction of Rev. Carey Jo Johnston in April.

Donations for these and other projects may be made in Canada through our website, or in the U.S. through .   Cheques made payable to Literacy & Evangelism International (please note project or Missionary) can be sent to:

In Canada:   P.O. Box 468, Bobcaygeon, ON   K0M 1A0

In U.S.A.:   1800 S. Jackson Ave., Tulsa, OK   74107




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About Krio

Sierra Leone Krio Language Facts

  • Krio is spoken by 480,000 people: 473,000 in Sierra Leone, 6,600 in Gambia.
  • Spoken as a 2nd language by over 4 million.
  • Approximately 85% (408,000 1st language speakers, over 3 million 2nd language speakers) are illiterate and cannot read the Bible for themselves.
  • The New Testament was first published in 1986


  • Carey Jo Johnston’s trip to Sierra Leone April 5 to 23, 2013to develop Krio Language Literacy Materials – $2,500
  • Workshop to develop literacy materials – $500 for a participant, $6,000 total.
  • Printing Bible content Literacy Materials ($2 per 2 book set, need 2000 sets)
  • Sponsor a literacy teacher for training – $50 per trainee

Pray for safety of travel, good team dynamics, God honouring stories, churches to catch the vision, passionate literacy champions and teachers.

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Sierra Leone April 2013

Carey Jo Johnston Heads to Sierra Leone

We are now into year 3 of the Sierra Leone Challenge (Going from 39% literacy to 70% literacy in 5 years through Church based Bible literacy classes). So far the Mende and Themne language primers have been completed. Rev. Gregory and Agnes Bangura have trained Literacy Champions who are now training literacy teachers. Classes are beginning in these languages.
The next phase is the development of the Krio language primer. To help facilitate the development of these Bible content literacy materials, Carey Jo Johnston heads to Sierra Leone April 5 – 23.    She will oversee a team of Krio language speakers as they write the 82 lesson literacy materials. These include 36 Bible lessons. As part of the workshop, Carey Jo will continue the training of several local .

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial partnership in this powerful opportunity to change a nation.



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